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A quality website is an investment in your business's future.



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Easy & Enjoyable from beginning to the end

Our 3-step process is simple, and ensures that we deliver your ideal online asset.

»» Active Listening

We start where all great counselors start: listening. By listening to you, we hear what you want, understand your business goals and visualize all your website dreams with you.

»» Collaborative Brainstorming

Once you know what you want, we work with you to create your business's optimal online presence through your new website. We iterate through the process until your website is exactly what you want.

»» Creative Development

We use our experience and expertise, as well as a handy arsenal of online tools, to create the website of your dreams. We make sure everything works properly and looks beautiful, so you can show it off to all your clients.

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Beautifully Designed

Your Website Will WOW

Design is meant to be beautiful and functional, so is your website. With your direction as our inspiration, we combine the latest design trends with a timeless, clean look that keeps your website fresh and modern. Your website will put your best virtual foot forward and showcase your business and your work.

✔ Mobile Responsive
✔ Modern Design
✔ Consistent Look & Feel
✔ Social Media Integration





Technology is only useful when it works. We build on a powerful platform with fast hosting and superior reliability, to make sure your website is always up, running, and working for your business. Quick load times and increased technological capacity ensures that your visitors have the best experience.

✔ Analytics & Reports
✔ Superior Uptime & Reliability
✔ Blogging / Vlogging / Podcasting Capabilities

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What Clients are saying

"They communicate in a simple, straight-forward way."

- Eagle Consulting

"OTIS has gone beyond our expectations."

- Crescent Builds

"They made a site that is easy to maneuver and rich in features."

- Terri Collins



Standard Features

all of our websiteS Come with...

SSL Certificate
Let others know your website
is trustworthy. 

Online Strategy Meeting
Make sure you're
moving towards your goals.

Basic Vibe Guides
Keep your fonts, colors, and
brand consistent.

DDOS Protection
You should never have to know you need this, but you do. We're on it. 

Web Hosting for 1 year
Keep your website
up and running.

SEO Friendly
Start off on the right foot with an
SEO-friendly website.

Social Media Integration
Let your site visitors easily connect and engage to grow your followers.

4 Months of Ongoing Support
Not sure about a page or image? Sleep on it for a month. Or 4.

Domain hosting for 1 year
Or if you already have a domain, 
we'll transfer it over and use that.

Mobile-Friendly Design
Because more people will look
at your site on their phone than computer.

Online Onboarding
Learn how to maintain and update
on the fly.

Image Compression
For a speedier website and less wait time.





5 pages

SSL certificate
1 year of web hosting
SEO Friendly
Mobile Responsive
Social Media Integration
Basic Vibes Guide
Image Compression
Online Marketing Strategy
1 Integration (Email, Forms, Scheduling etc.)
4 Months Ongoing Support



25 pages

SSL certificate
1 year of web hosting
SEO Friendly
Mobile Responsive
Social Media Integration
Basic Vibes Guide
Image Compression
Online Marketing Strategy
3 Integrations (Email, Forms, Scheduling etc.)
4 Months Ongoing Support

Custom Design & Styles
Copywriting Support
Marketing Support
Custom Design


Starting at $15,000

Unlimited pages

SSL certificate
1 year of web hosting
SEO Friendly
Mobile Responsive
Social Media Integration
Basic Vibes Guide
Image Compression
Online Marketing Strategy
All Integrations (Email, Forms, Scheduling etc.)
6 Months Ongoing Support

Custom Design & Styles
Copywriting Support
Marketing Support
Custom Design

All Integrations
Management of outside vendors
Marketing Planning
Marketing Automation


Need More Than The Basics?

ASK US ABOUT Custom Add-Ons



Put your online store together and start making money off of your swag & gear.

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Move your blog pages from your old website over to your new website. Every page audited for SEO optimization, image compression, categorized, and tagged.



Embrace the digital age, by creating restricted areas of your websites dedicated to those closest to your business.

online payments.png

Online Payments

Have clients pay you online. Whatever amount you choose. Recurring payments? No problem.

interactive elements.png


Quizzes, charts, animations, oh my! Engage your audience and generate more leads.

online scheduling.png

Integrated Scheduling

Stop the emails back a forth. Simplify your process for scheduling meetings.


Ongoing web Support

We don't just build websites. We build relationships. A website is only as good as it is relevant and up to date, and we want to partner with you for the long-run to make sure your web presence stays fresh.

All of our website plans include 4 months of ongoing support built into the price. This gives us the chance to perfect every detail with you. After that, ongoing support is optional, but we think you'll like having your web maintenance off your plate, and onto ours. 

»» Why do I need ongoing support?

Just like a physical asset, your website ages and will require regular maintenance to stay in good condition. Technology changes, and most importantly, your business changes. You may want to adjust your pricing, add a new employee, update your calendar, activate a countdown to an event, promote a special offer, or just refresh up some of your images and copies. The easiest way to do that? Just shoot us an email and we will take care of everything. That's the beauty of having ongoing support.

»» Who needs ongoing support?

Any business that doesn't have a full-time IT/Web person or team should consider off-loading the day-to-day maintenance of their site to us. Even if you are more tech-savvy and enjoy getting into your website to change things around yourself, it’s nice to have someone to fall back on when the unexpected happens, or if you need to focus your time and intellect on other aspects of your business. It's like your taxes- just because you're good at math doesn't mean you shouldn't hire an accountant. Just because you're good at technology doesn't mean you shouldn't have an online team to keep your digital assets optimized, looking good and working well.

$100 / mo

Web Hosting
Domain Hosting
1 hour/month of updates
Email Support

$250 / mo

Web Hosting
Domain Hosting
3 hours/month of updates
Email Support
Phone Support 
Discounted hourly rates if needed  
Quarterly Reports


Ready for a virtual facelift?