[8] Keep It Tight: Why We Hate Social Media

Ok, so we love/hate social media. And only sometimes. It’s a confusing relationship really, and I think that’s probably true for a lot of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and laymen people out there. We’re going to talk a bit about how your product packaging effects your social media strategy, and the difference between tightly and loosely packaged products. 

Will Myers
[7] Market Your Business Everyday

You’re a small business owner. A freelancer. A side hustler. You can do really cool things for people. But HOW do you get people to actually buy from you? Whats the secret to learning how to sell what you do and make your business sustainable? Well, if there is a secret, we don’t know it, but here are a few of our thoughts on the different types of marketing for small businesses and how your marketing should evolve as your business grows.

Will Myers
[6] How To Fix The Loneliness Of Entrepreneurship

Loneliness. It’s the taboo ailment of the entrepreneur (dare I say of our generation?), and it’s something that, in our age of constant connectedness and digital over-sharing, we don’t really like to talk about. Today we get real about the loneliness of being an entrepreneur with Barney Cohen, who built a nearly billion dollar business and took it public as a sole proprietor. He knows a thing or two about growing a successful business and the loneliness that sometimes comes with it. Join us for a listen, and stave off your own existential angst for another hour or so. 

Episode Notes

» 2:20 - Barney’s business bio.
» 4:44 - How did it feel to watch your company go down?
» 12:40 - How Barney doubled sales for 13 years
» 13:37 - Avoiding Entrepreneurial Loneliness 
» 23:19 - Do friends & family want you to succeed?
» 27:43 - The Tough Truth. «« LISTEN TO THIS
» 33:15 - How to manage your time as a solo-preneur?
» 36:50 - The small business rollercoaster.
» 39:10 - How to fix loneliness?
» 42:00 - Dealing with spouses.
» 46:30 - You need a community.
» 47:05 - Barney’s Business support group.
» 51:25 - What books are you reading?
» 52:50 - What should every entrepreneur do every day?
» 54:10 - Favorite profession & personal accomplishments. 

Will Myers
[5] The Squarespace SEO Checklist

SEO. I hate it. You probably do too. In this episode we jump into some of the nitty-gritty of SEO and it’s role in business, as well as how to make it work in Squarespace.

» What We Discuss:

0:50 - Game of Thrones Discussion
7:40 - We hate SEO
12:40 - What is SEO?

» Intro Song: Game of Thrones Intro Music by Will Myers & Ren Little

The Squarespace SEO Checklist

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Will Myers
[4] 3 Ways to Bootstrap Your Business

Dolla. Dolla. Bills. Y’all. That’s what we’re talking about today- how to finance the start of your business. In short, how will you pay for things? If you’re looking to bootstrap a business and get it off the ground without traditional investor capital, you should listen to this. We talk about 3 bootstrapping options for financing your startup, pros and cons, what we did, and who should choose which option. We also talk about some of the crazier things we did to cut down on expenses when we were starting our business. Teaser: how many feet are in a Seattle micro-apartment?

Will Myers
[3] Online Communities: No One Showed Up

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came. That’s right, we’re talking about communities- online communities, in-person communities, and how businesses use them to connect, market, and sell. In a world full of places to connect, where do you find your community? Cheers!

Will Myers
[2] Email Marketing (& Squarespace)

Email marketing. Boooo 😩. Or Yaaaaay 🤗. It’s a super subjective topic, and we’re going to start with the big picture of why you may or may not use it, and then dive into Squarespace’s new email list functionality. What we love, what we hate, and whether or not it beats Mailchimp. Plus a sick intro song.

Will Myers