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Hire an Intern For $50/ Month - For Growing Businesses

We started using this service and have hired a FANTASTIC digital marketing intern named Xiao. She’s helping us with a bunch of things including social media, branding, and graphic design (among other things). Highly recommended. - Will

Violence @ NBC? - Video Blast From The Past

This video of Katie Couric trying to explain the internet way back in 1994 never gets old for me. Now, can someone please explain where things go when they’re in “the Cloud”? - Ren

Lemme Take A Selfie - Video Equipment

If you’ve ever taken a selfie (so, everyone), you know that lighting. Is. Everything. If you’re getting into video, vlogging, photography, or high-glam selfie-ing, we suggest you invest in some lighting, and we really like this one. It makes your skin look glowy and radiant. - Ren

iFun - Apple’s Big Tech Event

If you love Apple as much as I do, then you know they have an event on Wednesday at 10 am PST where they’re going to announce some new iPhones and Apple Watches. So if you’re in the market for a new phone, wait until after Wednesday for the prices to drop. If you don’t love Apple as much as me, shame on you. - Will

Will Myers